AYYYA X Bymamalaterre 推出香港情懷保濕消毒香水系列

AYYYA 首次與國外知名插畫家Roong Suchinunkul老師合作,推出香港情懷保濕消毒香水系列,當中包括有「唐樓」、「四方城」、「家」、「凍檸茶」及「山頂」五個主題,希望能夠藉香味聯繫回憶,帶香港人尋回昔日舊情懷。

「唐樓」的香味主要以檀香作為主調,帶出懷舊的感覺,配合Roong Suchinunkul老師繪畫的建築,有如帶領大家走進時光隧道,尋回舊城寨,老唐樓的感覺;「四方城」是以麻雀為主題,以青蘋果混合木香,模仿大家在打麻雀時歡樂暢玩的情景; 「家」以溫暖香調做主題,為大家帶來梔子花的粉香; 「檸檬茶」以港式風味作為賣點; 「山頂」以玫瑰及綠葉的混香,帶給大家清爽的感覺。


Roong Suchinunkul's Profile
She is an artist that specializes in hand carved stamps, hand printing, fabric printing, watercolor painting, calligraphy and embroidery. She started her art business under the name "By Mamalaterre" in 2013.

She loves to create artwork that is related to Hong Kong culture and lifestyle such as a Hong Kong skyline from hand carved stamps and Hong kong row houses with watercolor painting. She also loves to use Chinese culture mixed into my artwork as well such as Chinese tea pots and porcelain.