The first round of AYYYA's return to the market - Maohai Dadadi Pet Market

Recently, AYYYA was honored to be invited by the Lutheran Church to participate in its Maohai Dadadi Pet Market, to support local pet adoption groups with actions, and to promote the concept of "Adopt and never abandon".

The event is hosted by The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, and in cooperation with the adoption group "Family Searching for Waves", the adoption day will be held at the Tai Po Liuxiang Learning Center on June 4-5. The site will More than 40 furkids and 20 booths participated.

AYYYA, a local brand under the 2020 Hong Kong Famous Brand, takes care of your personal health and spiritual needs wholeheartedly. Fragrance is the greatest connection of memories. AYYYA focuses on the deployment of fragrance products, hoping to make you relax in personal care, home and car spaces. Products include moisturizing and disinfecting perfume, body moisturizing aromatherapy spray, aromatherapy candles, car aromatherapy, etc., among which AYYYA X non-alcoholic deodorant antibacterial series also has a Japanese patent, which can take care of the needs of pregnant women, babies and fur kids at the same time. We are committed to making you feel happy and warm every moment you use AYYYA.

Hong Kong Christian Lutheran Church was established in 1954. It is a large-scale comprehensive social service organization in Hong Kong. It has set up churches in different regions of Hong Kong, and also established school education and social services at the same time. It is innovative, caring and people-oriented. Provide diversified services to grassroots and disadvantaged groups.

Maohai Dadadi pet market information:
Date: June 4-5, 2022 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 12:00-19:00
Venue: Tai Po Liuxiang Learning Corner Content: Pet Market, Pet Adoption, Pet Playground