AYYYA Concept Store Officially Enters "Central Market"

The AYYYA concept store will open in the "Central Market" in mid-August 2021. The store is located on the 2nd floor and is a lifestyle-themed area, selling various types of personal care, home and automotive products. AYYYA is a Hong Kong brand made locally, and has professional perfumers recognized in Asia who have been stationed for a long time to blend fragrance products for customers.

AYYYA was first launched on the market in December 2020, providing Hong Kong people with moisturizing and disinfecting fragrances with moisturizing, disinfecting and hand-moisturizing formulas during the epidemic. This product is very popular with customers, setting a record of selling 1 piece every 3 minutes. Later, AYYYA expanded its products to the household and automotive markets, providing aromatherapy and aromatherapy disinfection spray to support Hong Kong people in coping with the fatigue of the epidemic.

Central Market is one of the revitalization projects of the URA. With the three elements of "intimacy", "movement" and "integration", it is built into a new landmark with catering, retail and leisure.

AYYYA is honored to be invited to be the first batch of merchants to enter this revitalization project. AYYYA will continue to take care of the personal health and spiritual needs of customers, so that customers can feel happy and warm every moment they use AYYYA.

Image source: http://www.centralmarket.hk/en/