AYYYA X Hong Kong Japanese Language Information Journal LEI New Issue Interview

AYYYA is well aware that Hong Kong people cannot go to Japan due to the epidemic, and to relieve their nostalgia, they have successively launched three moisturizing and disinfecting perfumes related to Japanese fragrances: "Sakura", "Autumn" and "Wood". At the same time, they also launched Japanese favorites The fragrance of "narcissus" hopes to bring everyone a sense of happiness during the epidemic.

LEI's new year number VOL48 is now released, you can go to AYYYA Central Concept Store to get LEI reading 🥰🥰🥰

AYYYAは, LEI マガジンの热心なインタビューのののゅの爱にの感ます for Japanese readers in Hong Kong. Long term に crossing る コ ロ ナ misfortune, Japan に freedom に travel できない Hong Kong people は一の日本ホームシック state desu.そこでAYYYA は日本の香りに链接する3つのMoisturizing・Sterilizing Perfume ハンドサニタイザー「さくら」、「Autumn」、「木」を々々と発売しました。 At the same time, 噺売の, 日本の方にも 大人気「Narcissus」の香りで, このコロナののすべての人に幸せをもたらすことを望んでいいます.

LEI's New Year's special number VOL48がリリースされました. AYYYA Central Market コンセプトストアルもLEI マガジンをいていますので, ぜひお越しください🥰🥰🥰.