AYYYA X Bymamalaterre Launches Hong Kong Feelings Moisturizing and Sanitizing Fragrance Series

For the first time, AYYYA cooperated with the well-known foreign illustrator Mr. Roong Suchinunkul to launch the Hong Kong Moisturizing and Sanitizing Perfume Series, which includes five themes of "Tanglou", "Sifang City", "Home", "Frozen Lemon Tea" and "Mountaintop". I hope to use fragrance to connect memories and bring Hong Kong people back to the old feelings of the past.

The fragrance of "Tang Lou" mainly uses sandalwood as the main note, which brings out a sense of nostalgia. With the architecture painted by Mr. Roong Suchinunkul, it seems to lead everyone into a time tunnel, and find the feeling of the old city and the old Tang Lou; "Sifang "City" is based on the theme of mahjong, with green apple mixed with woody fragrance, imitating the scene of everyone playing mahjong happily; "Home" is based on warm fragrance, bringing you the powdery fragrance of gardenia; "Lemon "Tea" is a Hong Kong-style flavor as a selling point; "The Peak" is a mix of roses and green leaves, bringing you a refreshing feeling.

Hong Kong Nostalgia Moisturizing and Sanitizing Perfume is available at the concept store in Central Market, Facebook and website. Welcome to come and try the fragrance at any time.

Roong Suchinunkul's Profile
She is an artist that specializes in hand carved stamps, hand printing, fabric printing, watercolor painting, calligraphy and embroidery. She started her art business under the name "By Mamalaterre" in 2013.

She loves to create artwork that is related to Hong Kong culture and lifestyle such as a Hong Kong skyline from hand carved stamps and Hong Kong row houses with watercolor painting. She also loves to use Chinese culture mixed into my artwork as well such as Chinese tea pots and porcelain.