AYYYA x Celinelkw launched couple cat cat moisturizing disinfection perfume set

【Fragrant Valentine's Day】

Every year on the eve of Valentine's Day, buying gifts will become a trouble for many couples. The epidemic is still going on this year. I believe that everyone will take great pains to create surprises for their loved ones. AYYYA will bring you new choices! Local brand AYYYA, together with local illustrator Celinelkw, launched the couple cat cats "Zhaocai Yota" and "Happy Yoko" moisturizing and disinfecting perfume set, which combines the three elements of disinfection, skin care and fragrance, so that everyone's hands will be fragrant and slippery. A romantic festival, while supporting local art creation and development.

All AYYYA moisturizing and disinfecting perfumes are developed and produced in Hong Kong. The concentration of 65-70% vegetable alcohol can kill 99% of bacteria. At the same time, it is added with high-osmosis hyaluronic acid moisturizing skin care formula, which can also achieve moisturizing effect when disinfecting hands. The product is formulated by a perfumer, and the fragrance is unique and unexpected. "Zhaocai Yota" is a floral and fruity fragrance, showing the feeling of a sunny boy with the fresh aroma of grapefruit; "Happy Yoko" is an elegant and refined leaf fragrance, with the floral fragrance of ylang and the refreshing feeling of bamboo leaves, a natural harmony with Yota yes.

In addition to the two fragrances of "Fortune Yota" and "Happy Yoko", AYYYA also has other fragrances of moisturizing and disinfecting perfume, fragrance wax and body moisturizing fragrance mist. All products are sold at the AYYYA concept store in Central Market. Since the opening of the AYYYA concept store, it has set a record of selling a moisturizing and disinfecting perfume every 2 minutes, which has won the welcome of consumers and corporate groups. The epidemic continues, and Hong Kong people are tired of fighting the epidemic. AYYYA hopes to make you feel happy and warm every moment through various disinfectant fragrance products.