【AYYYA x Jazz Fest 2022】Halloween Chapter

The original Hong Kong brand AYYYA specially formulated the exclusive fragrance moisturizing and disinfecting perfume Apollo Kiss for the 4th Jazz Fest. The bright fragrance of Apollo Kiss comes from grapefruit and fresh citrus fruits, which beautifully set off this wind and day In the beautiful, crisp atmosphere of autumn, enjoy the wonderful melody of jazz music for a moment. The efficacy of the product combines the three elements of disinfection, moisturizing, and aroma at the same time to ensure that the epidemic prevention does not hurt hands, and the fragrance can last for several hours, which is comparable to fine eau de toilette.

This year's Jazz Fest will start from October 26, with five stages spread across the West Kowloon Cultural District, bringing a five-day large-scale outdoor music festival experience. The Hong Kong original brand AYYYA, which has always attached great importance to the development of local art and culture, has once again become a cog in the Hong Kong arts and culture circle, continuing to support the development of the industry with aroma products, and promoting Hong Kong to become a real "Hong Kong" and the capital of art and culture!

During Jazz Fest 2022, Hong Kong's original brand AYYYA will set up a customized booth at freespace in the West Kowloon Cultural District for two consecutive days from October 29th to 30th, providing customized and exclusive fashion services for enterprises, retailers, brand owners, Wedding banquet activities provide customized fragrance order production. Customers can choose different designs and fragrances according to their personal preferences, which is more exclusive and unique! For details, please pay attention to AYYYA official IG and Facebook account.